AcupunctureAccording to ancient records, acupuncture is a system of healing well over three thousand years old. As a system of medicine, it encompasses the cultures and wisdom of China, Japan and other Eastern countries. Today there are over 3 million practitioners worldwide.

Traditionally, acupuncture is based on the principle of holism; unity or balance within the body, and unity between the human body and nature. In regard to balance within the body, our good health depends on the balanced functioning of the body’s energy. In Oriental Medicine, this continuously fluctuating balance is the responsibility of Qi, the combination of will and the life force. When we have good health our energy flows harmoniously throughout the body with precision and grace, much like a well orchestrated piece of music.

When illness arises this harmonious flow becomes disrupted and is manifested in an energetic change, causing a broad array of signs and symptoms. Blocked or stagnated energy (Qi) may be perceived in areas of the body which are tender to the touch, sensitive to warm or cold, or exhibit a different color. To re-establish harmony, one must resolve the signs and symptoms. The acupuncturist places fine solid needles in the surface of the skin at certain points where there is a blockage of energy to reestablish the body's homeostasis or balance.