Eye Disorders

Eye problems can respond well with acupuncture. Many eye symptoms have no clear pathology in Western Medicine and may not respond to standard treatment. These conditions are generally not severe or life threatening but can be extremely irritating. These are the chronic eye disorders that occur in combination with redness, itching, dryness, grittiness, watering, blurring of vision. They generally do not involve any permanent loss or compromise of vision. It is a good idea to see your ophthalmologist to rule out anything that may need urgent attention.

After we rule out any serious eye problems, I design treatment on differentiation of patterns according to Oriental Medicine. This will involve detailed questions concerning your eyes and more information about your general health and diet that could be contributing to the eye problem. I will also look at your tongue and feel your pulses. For example, red, painful eyes that feel hot indicates heat, but heat can manifest in different ways affecting other areas of the body as well as the eyes. Your tongue may be very red, with sores on it or your urine may be painful and dark yellow. Your complexion may be red and hot or there may be a feeling of heat in the body. There are many symptoms or heat that can manifest in the body.