Insomnia is a broad term referring to a number of sleep disorders such as difficulty falling asleep, waking with difficulty returning to sleep, restless sleep, dream disturbed sleep, and waking early in the morning. The quality of sleep depends on the state of the emotional heart and the physical heart and their interrelationship.

In a recent article in the New York Times it was expressed that Americans are using more sleep aides than ever before. “Sleep aides” tells me that we are stressed and we are not getting a good differential diagnosis to treat the cause of the need for sleep aides. You cannot just medicate the problem away. I figure out what is causing the insomnia and adjust lifestyle, diet and behavior to get out of the insomnia cycle.

In the old texts it is written, “If the heart is healthy and the blood abundant, the mind will be properly rooted and sleep will be sound.” Of course there are many factors which can influence a persons sleep, some are temporary and come from outside the person (i.e. Stress, fear, anger, worry. Some factors come from within, fatigue, heart/lung diseases, pregnancy, diabetes, obesity, and poor diet.

As you can see differentiating and getting a good diagnosis is crucial in the elimination of sleep disorders. This is why I get an extensive history, as well as a diet diary from you; this information helps me design a treatment plan for you.