Musculoskeletal Disorders

“Painful obstruction syndromes" or "Bi-syndromes” are how Oriental medicine terms these. Bi syndromes are caused by the obstruction of Qi and blood in the meridians or channels.

Painful obstruction syndrome is by definition an affliction of the channels or meridians rather than an internal organ syndrome. It is caused by the invasion of wind, cold, and damp. It manifests as pain, soreness, or numbness of muscles, tendons, and joints, it is the most prevalent of all diseases affecting almost everyone in all parts of the world at one time or another. Clinically they are differentiated into 4 types:

  • 1) wandering bi- manifests with migrating pain.
  • 2) Painful bi-manifests with severe pain and coldness.
  • 3) Fixed bi-manifests with heaviness, soreness, or numbness which suggests dampness.
  • 4) Heat bi-manifests with heat and swelling and rapid onset.

By differentiating these common afflictions I can design a treatment plan specific to body location and type of pain. Usually bi syndromes are a combination of the above types, although they can occur alone.