Sports Medicine

Sports medicine is an area that has very broad treatment parameters. Treating acute conditions, i.e. injuries, is only one aspect of this type of medicine.

I work with athletes around the idea of preventing injuries and increasing performance through understanding. Meaning initially, your understanding of how your specific injury can be influenced or prevented through a better understanding of anatomy and physiology relative to what you do in your particular athletic endeavors. Equally or more important is your understanding of how diet, hydration, rest, technique, training, sleep quality, and stress influence your ability to remain injury free and operate at a very high performance level indefinitely. I handle each athlete’s specific condition on a case-by-case basis, as this is the best way to be effective in treatment.

My personal athletic background, complete with injuries, allows me to more effectively design a treatment plan for other athletes. I use a hands on approach based on personal experience in a variety of different athletic endeavors. Please see About Me for my background.