The fundamental premise of Oriental Medicine as a holistic medical discipline is to detect the cause or root of an illness. I will discuss your chief complaint in detail and gather a concise health history from you to help me build a complete picture and to organize your particular illness into the context of Oriental Medicine.

After our conversation I will examine your tongue and take your pulse and blood pressure. Taking the pulse in Oriental Medicine is vastly different from Western Medicine. Pulse diagnosis and tongue examination are two of the pillars of Oriental Medicine. They impart information regarding the state of your Qi and internal organs.

A physical examination will be performed for any musculoskeletal disorders and it is common practice to palpate the body's acupuncture channels for a wide range of disorders and ailments. Each treatment is tailored to the individual's presenting condition, taking into account each individual's unique constitution.

The initial consultation will last approximately one to one and a half hours.

Also, I am available for 15 minute consultations at no charge to help you decide if a treatment through Oriental Medicine is what you need. I am happy to conduct our conversation over the phone if an appointment cannot be arranged. You are obligated in no way by this consultation. It is an opportunity for you to express any concerns and to explore this ancient traditional medicine.