What Should I Expect From My First Consultation?

Acupuncture is a holistic body of medicine. It is modeled on discovering the root or source of any illness and treating it in its acute form and it's branch manifestations. The end goal is to prevent the condition from returning.

I will discuss the chief complaint in detail and then ask other relevant questions about different facets of your health. This will help build a diagnostic picture and put your chief complaint or illness in a holistic, or broader context from which to design a treatment.

After the discussion I will take your pulse, blood pressure and examine your tongue. Then, a physical examination will be performed for any musculoskeletal complaints. It is common practice to palpate, or gently tap the acupuncture channels at specific points for tenderness. This helps determine which points need to be the focus of treatment.

Each treatment is tailored to the individual's condition(s). The initial consultation will require 1.5-2 hours, follow-up treatments require approximately 1 hour.