How Does Acupuncture Work?

There are many theories about how acupuncture works, but there is no all- inclusive answer. In the Orient, it is sufficient to say that acupuncture stimulates and thus regulates a persons Qi, allowing the body's energy to flow more efficiently, and thus, regain harmony.

Here in the west, our society tends to seek an answer that is more easily understandable by the standards of Western Medicine. Because there are many different styles and techniques of acupuncture, none of which fit any one particular model, answering this question in terms of Western Medicine has proved to be a challenge.

What we do know is that the effectiveness of Oriental medicine and acupuncture are largely due to practitioners taking a holistic approach to treating each patient as an individual, taking into account their personal differences and unique constitutional make up. As a practitioner, I am to treat you as a unique individual who is possessed of a health disharmony. I am not treating you as “the disease”. The differences of these perspectives are important to remember when receiving an acupuncture treatment.