Will I Need To Undress?

Many acupuncture points are located between the hand and the elbow, and the knee and foot. Therefore, I always recommend that my patients wear loose fitting clothing when they come in for treatment, making it easier to access these points on the extremities.

In some cases, such as with lower back or hip pain, it is often necessary to remove clothing down to the underwear. For example, when treating the back, it is often necessary to treat the whole spine, particularly if there is a long history of back disorders. In this case, for women I ask if I may unclip the brassiere when lying face down on the treatment table. This is so I can palpate the muscles and acupuncture points on the back. I refasten the bra after treatment, and I leave the treatment room to allow the patient to redress.

I am very respectful of patients' modesty and only necessary clothing is removed for each treatment. I will always get your verbal consent when I need to treat more intimate areas, and I will explain what I am going to do beforehand.