"January 27, 2012 I was a client at Stevens Acupuncture under the care of Dr. Keith Stevens for about five years during those five years; I received excellent advice and treatment for my incurable skin disease known as Scleroderma. Scleroderma is a condition that hardens the skin and muscles causing inflexibility. The type of Scleroderma I have referred to as Localized Scleroderma and it covers 80% of my body all over my right side. My condition is so rare that even medical physicians still do not have any idea how to treat it; they are using trial and error using toxic invasive pharmaceutical drugs, experimenting on my body as if it I were a lab rat. During my medical treatment, I fell into this vicious cycle of receiving medicine not only for my condition but also for nausea, then depression, and sleeplessness. These pharmaceuticals made me feel like a completely different person. Perhaps you can relate to my story. After a few consecutive visits of treatment sessions with Dr. Stevens using non-painful needling, cupping and moxie therapy. I noticed subtle changes within a few weeks. Over a course of three to four months of treatments, I noticed that the hardened skin became more pliable. Now I am more flexible than I was six years ago and I no longer seek Western medical care for my condition also I do not take any pharmaceutical or over-the-counter medicines. Dr. Stevens is very attentive to his patients and he cares a great deal about their well-being. As an example: "One day I was feeling extremely stressed out from taking a week college testing finals, instead of doing his routine treatment he spend more time with me and use additional needle points also the change my herbal formula to help me deal during the stressful circumstances. Another time I arrived sick he quickly treated me for the cold and congestion then advised me to drink lots of water, acquire plenty of rest and modified my herbal formula". Dr. Stevens is very open-minded about your religious preference and encourages you to stay strong in your faith whatever that may be. Dr. Stevens is a highly informative individual also a type of person that leads by example. Dr. Stevens displays the same actions and health criteria that he advises his clients to maintain by consistently encouraging his clients to think positively, eat healthy, and to drink lots of water. Dr. Stevens uses several methods of acupuncture treatment and Chinese herbology to get your body in a position to heal itself he encourages several healthy tips that helps your body maintain optimal health. I highly recommend Dr. Stevens to treat you under any medical condition whether extreme or something minor. My experience with Dr. Stevens has helped me rejuvenate myself; I became a healthier and fitter person than I was eight years ago. I highly advise anyone to seeking acupuncture treatment for pain or discomfort I know that Dr. Stevens's methods and treatment plan will be a huge benefit for the rest of your life."

Sincerely, Eric D

"I am a professional viola player and have suffered from serious chronic neck and shoulder pain for many years. I first saw Keith when I was suffering from a severe flare-up of my neck condition. He resolved that situation and then, by regular periodic acupuncture treatments and the use of herbs, has managed my condition to prevent further serious flare-ups. Keith has done more to help me with this condition than any other physician I have ever consulted and his treatment has made a tremendous difference in my ability to continue playing my viola. I recommend him most highly to anyone suffering from a chronic physical condition which interferes with their enjoyment of life."

Linn Van Meter

"With my extensive background as a public servant all of my life (including police chief, fireman, judge, and business owner) I feel very qualified in being able to judge most people. I would highly recommend Mr. Stevens to any of my friends and customers who have back, migraine headaches, or other pain problems. He is honest, forthright, and a professional."

A very satisfied and grateful customer,
Quin Young