One of the first concerns many patients have is how long will acupuncture treatment take. In general, acute problems such as a recently strained back will only require a few treatments. However, disorders of a more chronic nature require more treatment. You will get some idea of the length of treatment at the initial consultation. With chronic, complicated or longstanding conditions, treatment may require a number of sessions before some benefit is seen. As a general rule, I like to see a change after every treatment, and if this is the case, I have found that patients are not too concerned about length of treatment.

Oriental Medicine contains powerful and subtle medicinal tools. Often, bodily imbalances that have been going on for years in individuals are the focus of treatment. In some cases, the disease process is ingrained in the body very deeply. For example, conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis or certain types of Hepatitis require long-term management and life-style adjustments to prevent exacerbations and relapses of specific symptoms and to prolong periods of remission. Treatments are normally given once a week, although some disorders require more frequent visits. Bells Palsy responds much better to treatment every day for 8-10 days immediately following the onset of the condition. After 8-10 treatments the condition needs to be re-evaluated. Patients who have sustained a stroke need regular treatments.

Illnesses which are seasonal, such as allergies and hay fever, sometimes benefit from treatment 4-6 weeks prior to peak pollen periods. These early treatments can prevent symptoms from developing. These illnesses are also treated during the season for acute attacks. Generally acupuncture is quite effective for these conditions.